Born & raised in the bustling city of Alexandria, Dina Shaker soaked the hustle & bustle of a country like Egypt. Her Studies began in Fine Arts at the Alexandrian University. Upon completion, Dina dabbled into interior design only to later decide to follow her passion & start a career in fashion. After studying fashion design and marketing in the fashion and design centre in Cairo she started to work with the best Egyptian ready to wear companies , this helped her to establish high skills and technical understanding of the product development and production processes.

Deciding to take her experience to new levels, in 2013 , Dina launched her signature label “Dina Shaker” which was quick to be picked up by some of the most prestigious boutiques in Cairo. A lot of her deconstructed designs gained preferences by public figures and celebrities in the region.

Her fine arts background lives within all of her designs - be it modern art, architecture or culture, she always finds herself inspired by art.

The label’s aesthetic can best be described as transitionary, asymmetric & oversized. All due to a well thought out plan to reflect her ideal customer: strong, self confident & fearless. 

The Dina Shaker woman is powerful, she stands out from the crowd & follows the beat of her own drums, but most importantly, she oozes confidence.

Every collection is dedicated to these women; may we be them, may we know them & may we always support them!

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Company name: The fashion lab-Dina Shaker